In all things we do – walking, running, standing, sitting, turning, swinging, bending, reaching or more vigorous exercise - our muscles are forced to comply with the intended movement. Only when these muscles are resilient and strong can we perform without risk of injury. My stretching program uses the G BALL to improve muscle flexibility without stress to joints or muscles. Improved flexibility will enable the body to maintain correct posture and allow muscles the mobility to move freely throughout the day and when participating in recreational activities.

• Increase Flexibility
• Minimize Muscle Soreness
Improve Posture
• Feel Better
Be More Productive
Look Great

DVD Special Features
• Easy to use interactive exercise menu
• Simple and suitable for all fitness levels
• Three different stretching programs
• Stretching tips and a stretching tutorial
• Fitness ball guidelines, usage and care tips
Bonus Exercise Guide - Includes a convenient
guide with all exercises shown pictorially

stretching dvd to improve flexibility
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