10 tips to make your stretch routine fun and effective.
Stretching doesn't have to be difficult. Following these simple tips to help make your routine safe and easy.

1. Warm-up before stretching to increase body temperature and range of motion.
2. Maintain correct posture and technique.
3. Stretch to a reasonable limit of movement, not to the point of pain.
4. Spend a little more time stretching chronically tight muscles.
5. Avoid bouncing.
6. Stretch both sides of the body.
7. Stretch before and after strengthening.
8. Focus on the muscles involved in the stretch.
9. Exhale on work phase. Inhale on return phase of the move.
10. Stretch carefully – don’t rush. When you stretch too fast, there is a greater tendency to pull a muscle. Move slowly into the stretch; the return should be with equal deliberation.

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