Tired of feeling tight and straining muscles during a workout. Learn how to improve flexibility, when to stretch and how to effectively stretch your back, legs and arms.

Hello, I'm Gina Piazza and my flexibility training program, Stretch it Out with G Ball Fitness™ is a series of simple stretches that can help you improve flexibility. The stretching G Ball Fitness™ routine consists of low back stretches, leg stretches and more. Perform the G Ball Fitness™ sequence of simple stretches only after warming up the muscles (jog in place). Stretching will improve flexibility and joint range of motion. The G Ball Fitness™ simple stretches help improve flexibility. Warming up the muscles is the key to improve flexibility and avoid tight muscles.

How about stretching before strengthening. Absolutely! Stretching using the G Ball Fitness™ routine before a strength workout is beneficial. A good rule of thumb - warming up the muscles first and stretching before strengthening. Learn more about the Stretch It Out With G Ball Fitness™ DVD.

Stretching is an integral part of a complete conditioning program - stretch tips:

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